Install SSH (SFTP) server on Windows 2000

Postingan kemarin saya sudah membahas apa itu SSH, nah sekarang  saya mau Share cara menginstall SSH itu sendiri dalam bahasa inggris, Hehehe,... biar ada usaha dikit

Below is step-by-step installation SSH (and SFTP) server on Windows NT Based (Windows 2000 Server). It’s easy to follow and I bet you can do it by your self.

  • Login as Administrator
  • Create windows user with name ftp_user (and specified the password)
  • Go to download Binary Installer Release then Extract and Install Openssh server.
  • Open command prompt and type:
    cd C:\PROGRA~1\OpenSSH\bin
    mkgroup -l >> ..\etc\group
    mkpasswd -l -u ftp_user >> ..\etc\passwd
  • Open Regedit, Find key My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/home
    change native value with c:\sftphome
  • Create folder c:\sftphome
  • Create folder c:\sftphome\ftp_user and make sure user ftp_user has Full Control
  • Start the OpenSSH server. Open command prompt and type:
    net start opensshd
  • Make sure SSH server is running, type:
    netstat -an
    and look for on Local Address
  • Test connection by using putty for ssh or filezilla for sftp. Credentials to use:
Username: ftp_user [ or anything you choose ]
Password: user’s pass
Host [ IP Address ] : server’s IP Address
Port: 22

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