How to Burn a Xandros CD

This page contains instructions for burning a installation CD. If you need instructions on burning a installation DVD for the Xandros Open Circulation Edition 4, please click here.

After downloading Xandros Desktop you check file integrity, unzip the files, then create an installation CD.

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Checking files after download

Using a check sum program in Windows® or Linux®, you can check that the ISO, ZIP, and PDF files downloaded correctly. This step is optional and recommended. If you have a check sum program already, you can use it. For Windows you can download and use the free winMd5Sum application outlined here.

To check files using Windows

This procedure may not work with Windows 98.

  1. Download winMd5Sum (0.2 MB).
  2. Install it by double-clicking the .exe file (0.3 MB).
  3. Launch it by clicking Start > All Programs > winMd5Sum > winMd5Sum.
  4. Click the ... button beside the File Name box.
  5. Browse to the Xandros file to check, and open it. Wait while information is loaded into the window.
  6. Copy and paste the appropriate signature from the following table into the Compare box.

  7. Click the Compare button. A download was successful if the check sums match. If the check sums differ, download the file again.

To check files using Linux

  1. Open a console window.
  2. Type md5sum filename, where filename is the name of the file to check. File names are case-sensitive in Linux.
  3. Press Enter and wait for the check sum to be generated.
  4. Compare the check sum with the appropriate one in the following table. A download was successful if the check sums match. If the check sums differ, download the file again.
Signature File Name
6d6cc025ff1ce5f02d1907ce69bd2164 xandros_management_console_administrator
658a684277dd4403358e21db5f000cb7 xdms_read_this_first.pdf
3deb850c493ab44ee687354d942831da xandros_desktop_os_user_guide_301.pdf
6cd550db2b3ddb57cf2150fd582543dc xandros-bridgeways-rhel4-i386.iso
8b3233df00278975f378629d95178c7d xandros-bridgeways-rhel4-x86-64.iso
fab6a445e4e98779a9077e3ab8ad6fa9 xandros-bridgeways-rhel5-i386.iso
e9e5e0ef7701f564dea423907d6efe3e xandros-bridgeways-rhel5-x86-64.iso

Unzipping the files

The .zip files are ISO and PDF files that are compressed and need to be unzipped before use. The decompression can be done in Windows or Linux. For Windows, your computer may have integrated unzipping capability or you may need a program such as WinZip®, which includes a free trial period.

To unzip files in Windows

  1. Double-click the .zip file. If you have software to unzip the file, the file is decompressed. If WinZip is installed, it is launched and you click Extract to unzip the files.

To unzip files in Xandros Desktop

  1. Right-click the .zip file and select Extract All.
  2. Select a folder to save it to, and click Save without typing a file name.

To unzip files in a Linux console window

  1. Type unzip, where filename is the name of the file downloaded.
  2. Press Enter, and wait for the file to be unzipped.

Creating an installation CD

Using the ISO file, you will create an installation CD. The ISO file will be created, or burned, onto the CD. When you burn the file to the CD, it expands all the directories and copies them onto the CD for use instead of just copying the single ISO file.

You can use the CD writer software included with your computer or one of the options provided here: Xandros Desktop or DeepBurner on Windows. DeepBurner is an application that is free for personal use. It can be installed in several languages, including English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Xandros recommends using good CD-R media and burning at low speed, for example less than 4x.

To create an installation CD using Xandros Desktop 2, 3, or 4

  1. Label a high-quality, blank, writable CD "Xandros Desktop", add the edition and version number (such as Home Edition - Premium 4.0), and place it in the CD drive.
  2. In Xandros File Manager, double-click the .iso file. A Create Disc window opens.

  3. Change the Preferred write speed for the CD to 4x or less.
  4. Click OK, and wait for the installation CD to be created.

Next, you install Xandros Desktop from the installation CD. Follow the instructions in the Xandros Desktop Getting Started Guide.

To create an installation CD using DeepBurner on Windows

  1. Label a high-quality, blank, writable CD "Xandros Desktop", add the edition and version number (such as Home Edition - Premium 4.0), and place it in the CD drive.
  2. Download DeepBurner, for example the free version (2.7 MB).
  3. Install it by double-clicking the .exe file (10.2 MB).
  4. Launch it by clicking Start > All Programs > DeepBurner > DeepBurner.
  5. Enable the Burn ISO image option, and click Next.

  6. Enlarge the Burn ISO window so that the Image file field is visible.

  7. Click the ... button beside the Image file field, and select the Xandros .iso file.
  8. In order to keep the .iso file, disable the Delete image after successful burn check box.
  9. Select the CD or DVD Drive from the drop-down list, set the Write speed to 4X or the lowest possible speed, then click Burn ISO. The files are burned to the CD, which takes about 20 minutes at 4x. The CD ejects at the end of the process.

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