How to transfer your Windows fonts to Xandros

If you dual boot, (Xandros and any version of Windows), your Windows fonts can be easily moved across to your Xandros installation.

  1. Just open Control Center, Launch > Control Center > Control Center.
  2. Click the + next to Display to expand the list. Click the + next to Theme to expand the list, and click Font Installer. At this point, you can choose to install the added fonts solely for your user account, or you can click the Administrator button at the bottom of the right pane, enter your root password, and install the fonts system-wide, so they will be available to all users, however you will receive a warning that this could screw up your display settings, so use this option with caution. In most cases, installing the fonts to your user account will work just fine. Having said that, I did install my Windows fonts system-wide, and have noticed no ill effects. I offer this option with the standard Debian Guarantee -- If You break your system, you get to keep all the pieces.

3. At the bottom of the Font Installer window, click the Add Fonts button then navigate to your windows drive, usually (C:), navigate to the windows/fonts folder, (Typically C: windows or winnt/Fonts), select the font or fonts you wish to import.

4. You can select all the fonts in the folder by clicking on the first one listed, then, holding down the Shift key, clicking on the last one in the list, or select some but not all of them by clicking on the first one you want, then holding down the control key, clicking on each remaining font that you want, one at a time, until all desired fonts are highlighted, then click Open.

You will see that your fonts have been transferred, and are listed in the Font Installer window. That's it, you can exit Control Center, and begin using your new fonts.

Alternatively, you can copy your windows fonts folder to a usb stick and install from there.

If you are not dual booting but have some old windows applications lying around on CD (eg desktop publishing, Microsoft Word or Works) you sometimes find that they too have a fonts folder that you can use. There are also many fonts available free or for purchase, on the Internet. Any True-Type font should work. Font Installer will not accept any type of font which will not work with Xandros, so if the Font Installer accepts a font, it should install and work ok. Just download the fonts you want to a folder on your hard drive, then follow the above procedure to browse to that folder, select the fonts, and install them.

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