Change System Color

Xandros has provided an easy-to-use utility for customizing your system color scheme. As with most other Display editing funtions, you start by right-clicking on an empty spot on your desktop, and selecting Properties from the drop-down menu. When the Display Properties panel opens, click the Colors icon in the left pane.

Use the up/down arrows on the Color Scheme list to locate and select the ready made color scheme you want. The Color Settings pane at the top will display a preview, so you can easily try different schemes. Once you have selected your base scheme, the Widget Color gadget on the right, allows you to select and modify most any aspect of the selected scheme. Again, the preview in the top pane will display the results of your modifications, so you can experiment with different settings and combinations, until you find one that suits you.

Once you have the settings adjusted to your liking, click the Save Scheme button, give your new scheme a name, and click Save. You can always revert to one of the standard, ready-made schemes, so there is no way you can permanently bork your system from this control. Go wild! Experiment! Make your Xandros desktop uniquely your own.

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