Installing a D-Link Wireless Card on SLED


Using D-link wireless PCMCIA network adapters with SUSE Linux doesn't work out of the box and D-link doesn't support a Linux driver.

You can get your cards to work using Madwifi.


  1. Start YaST click on Installation Source.
  2. Under Configured Software catalogs, add a new HTTP server with server name =, directory on server = /suse/10.2 and keep authentication as anonymous.
  3. Go to YaST Software Management and install all the madwifi updates it presents you with. Choose all the kernal configs as well.
  4. Reboot your machine
  5. Go to YaST Network Devices, choose Network Card, use the NetworkManager and you should now see your network card in the list.
  6. Configure it against your Wireless router's network settings and you're done.



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